Dear brothers and sisters, respected members of our large praying family,

here we are with a new page, and already old mission to live Our Lady’s messages. Our numerous prayer group ran through Medjugorje various trials and crises, but thank God, has always insisted on the way. Our annual parliament was a gathering of our times and calls. There are those who enthusiastically spread the apostolate, but there are those who are tired of monotonous’ walk. However, as we are aware, our call is not seasonal and temporary apostolate, but continuous operation and permanent shaping of their lives and their families through communion with Our Lady.

WelcomeHer message to us was always the world and new with new inspiration. Just as the sun from the start bright and glowing light power and energy, and never tires, never the same and is not repeated, and always has everything needed. Without it there is no life on Earth, because the land would become desolate and empty. Without flowers and birds, no people, and all the songs would just bathed the death.

So it is with us, our call to live the messages, because without prayer the world would be alone havoc and terror. The face of the Earth would be without a smile and a song, without holiness and peace, no love. And that is why we are here, because we are grafted into the message Marian apostolate of the Church.

Two of us, Ivanka and Zeljka, was entrusted with the leadership of this great prayer groups. We have not chosen because we think that we are worthy or appropriate, but because we requested and we feel a great responsibility, as well as other members of our community. Our prayer group has a wonderful history and remarkable fruit. And it is not time to miss hearing the message, because Our Lady gives them not for information, but for the apostolate. Our activity was a gift to the whole Church, the grace of the whole world, and listen to Mother, a blessing for the whole family.

We feel a great honor and grace that we shared with new enthusiasm and humility live the messages, to spread the message and witness the Queen of Peace. Regularly we will write and inform you of our brotherhood, of Church and our communities around the world. As the branch can not be without a cane, and we can not do without your support and cooperation.

With sincere greetings, loyal to you sisters in Christ,
Ivanka Cavar and Zeljka Galic