Who we are…

Praying brotherhood BLESSED VIRGIN MARY VISITING SAINT ELIZABETH „Visiting“ (croatian: Pohođenje)

Prayer Group was established during the war year of 1993. as our response to the messages of the Queen of Peace. Our very name contains the motto of our apostolate. This means above all his daily prayer and love visithis brother, his neighbor in trouble.

Queen of Peace, we repeatedly emphasized that we can stop wars, as well as all human relationships and conflicts, fasting and prayer.

Padre Jozo Zovko Who we areCommunity, facing completely the Queen of Peace and her messages, sincerely wants to live and witness the life of her message. In this great apostolate no one is alone, but we have a large family who hangs out and meets for prayer and veneration of the Blessed Sacrament. To date, the community has more than 10.000 members accommodated across America, Austria, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Jerusalem, Germany, France, Brazil, Denmark, England, Slovakia, China, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Korea, Slovenia, Croatian, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Each member of the praying community has its prayer for the twin who pray the Rosary every day. In our program we have included a prayer Rosary, a weekly community meeting with the priest, which is considered the last message of the Queen of Peace, shared Rosary, litanies, Holy Mass and Adoration.

As humans, we tend to hear the message, as a faithful pilgrim, to make their vow, and to offer their prayers and sacrifices to the Lord. Therefore, it is our prayer group in the foundation of his apostolate set principle to answer the call of the Queen of Peace, to accept messages and humility to live them.

The basic message we called FIVE STONES.

These weapons is David went out to meet Goliath and the Philistines and stopped their march hostile and evil plan in the name of Yahweh. What is impossible to man, God is possible. We want to become and be the Madonna David today. Our stones with which we stop powerful enemies are:

1.Daily praying Rosary in the family, prayer with heart,
2.Eucharist on Sundays and holidays, worship and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament,
3.Daily reading Holy Scripture. letters,
4.Fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays,
5.Monthly confession